Airframe slotting: $7.00 each, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"
widths, up to 28" length.

Recessed airframe hatch-milled: $20 each, requires .0625
or greater airframe thickness.

Composite fin, centering rings, bulkhead layups: Contact
for quotation. CF, S-glass, Kevlar, basalt, epoxy.

Custom laser cut formers, bulkheads, fins, centerings:
Contact for quotation.

Airframe composite wrapping: CF, S-glass, basalt,
hybrids, epoxy. Contact for quotation.

Custom kit fabrication: Ready to fly model fabrication.
Contact for quotation.

Custom graphite nozzle designed and fabricated to your
Contact for quotation.

NOTE: Retro Flight uses Aeropoxy epoxy resin vacuum
bagged and heat cured  at 200 degree Fahrenheit.

RC upgrade:
AirFrame Slotiing, Composite rocket fins, ready to fly model rocket, composite high power rocket components, composite centering rings,